Sipti Ltd

sipti consulting Ltd is an independent consultation bureau with 17 employees and owned by the operational management. Since 2011, we have offered our clients services in the fields of geotechnics, environmental technics, structural technics and district technics. The company also performs measurements of the bearing capacity and solidity of piles applying shock patterns technics (PDA services).


In keeping with our business concept, we concentrate on what we best know. In certain sectors of the field, we are the leading bureau in Finland. We firmly believe in entrepreneurship based on expertise. We offer ground and environmental investigations, measurements, planning and construction services in all our business branches.


The company operates in three cities: Helsinki, Kerava and Kotka.

Our operational concept:
With our motivated and competent personnel, we produce advantageous consultation services, technologically economically, in the sectors of construction and environmental technics. With our services, we promote the profitability of our customers’ investments and operations. The construction of centers is one of our special fields.


Teemu Rahikainen

Ossi Rintala
hallituksen puheenjohtaja